Wall Street Protesters VS Vietnam War Protester

Posted on October 19, 2011


I  watched as the “Wall Street Protester? tried to organize a protest. They are having a hard time because it appears there are 6 or 7 protests going on at the same time. At least the war protesters were protesting a war and therefore they were united. With these people, the only thing that they are united about is not working, not paying their bills and doing away with capitalism. I listened to one young lady saying she wanted to live more like a commie. I saw a sign the said “”F” the Troops?.

If someone wants to be a commie let her move to Russia or Venezuela? Hell. let’s pay for them to go. They want you and me to work and then give a potion of our “Earned” income to them. They want to be educated but don’t want to pay for it. They want you and me to pay for. Maybe they may want to reconsider this point. The Communist country decides who goes to college and who doesn’t. It could be that these commie wannabes would be chosen by their Communist government to  be a part of the armed Forces. Go Communism.

The idiot that was holding the sign should be shot immediately. What the hell does our service members have to do with the situation our country is in? These college idiots were the ones who elected Obama. It is his policies that have led us to where we are today. When some idiot stands up and says “We must pass it before we can read it” why did  these young people said nothing? BECAUSE it meant their parents could continue to pay for their health care. Some of these idiots have book sense but no common sense. I can bet that these are the kids who parents let them do what ever they wanted to do because the parents didn’t want to be bothered.

Now we hear Jesse Jackson says these protestors are following the word of Martin Luther King. I always knew he would bend anything to his favor but all he is trying to do now is get his name and face back in front of the camera. This has nothing to do with civil rights. This is a bunch of snotty nosed brats trying to get whatever they can for free. Many of them are just union paid protestors whose only job is to make it look like the protest is growing in numbers.

I saw this morning (11-6-2011) where a teacher was teacher the students how to protest. The students were in grade school. I guess next year we will have a thousand children dressed up as a protestors for Halloween.

America was not founded on a Free Ride. It was founded on the idea of we each pay our own way. It was founded on Free Enterprise.

Do we need a better way to pay taxes. A way that will make it fairer for all. We just may need to limit how much a corporation makes.  We do this by voting. If the person we voted for doesn’t deliver on his/her promises we must let them know by voting them out of office. The VOTE is the biggest protest vehicle there is. Oh ya, that doesn’t get you on TV.

Soon we will be finding out just how many of these protestors are fair weather protestors. When the weather drops to freezing and lower how many will there be.

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