Turning 65 When the Golden Years turn to RUST

Posted on January 9, 2012


It finally is about to happen. This Wednesday as a matter of fact. I get to turn 65. I keep getting told that this is my “GOLDEN YEARS”. What a crock.  Forty to Fifty-five are the golden years. After 55 the Golden years start to turn into the “RUST YEARS”.

They say that when you turn 65 life is good. Your kids have a life of their own. Your house is paid off. You have money in a nest egg so you can do the things that you want to do. Buy yourself a new car and tour the nation.

Okay. Let’s take a look at the “GOLDEN YEARS”.  When I was 21, I was in Vietnam. I could run, jump and kick ass. Now I can walk once I get the joints to move with as little pain as possible (thanks to modern medicine). I can still jump even though most of the time it is only in my mind. I can still kick ass as long as the person will wait long enough for me to get a ladder and climb up high enough (then I have to hope my vertigo doesn’t kick in).

In my Earlier Years I could drive fast, party hard and chase my wife around the house until I caught her. Now I still drive but because of the pain in my knees I can not push very hard on the accelerator. I still party even though it is 2 glasses of wine and a beer once in a while. My wife has learned to walk very slowly so I can catch her or else nothing else will happen.

Now let’s go back to the beginning. I said in your Golden Years your child/ren had moved out and have a good life of their own. At one time that was true but in today’s economy forget it. They have either moved back in with you or they need your financial help. That nest egg you had saved up. Well, some went to pay for your hip replacement, your medication and the rest went to help out your children. It is true, you do not have any interest to claim on your taxes.

Medicine. Yea, let’s talk about that. You take a pill to keep your blood flowing. A pill to keep your arteries from clogging. A pill to lower your blood pressure. A pill to help keep you regular. A pill to help dull the pain in your knees, shoulders and other joints. A pill to help calm down your stomach. A pill to help you sleep at night. You remember that chasing the wife thing? Yea, you take a pill to help with that also.

You do have more time to do what you’ve always wanted to do you just don’t have any money to do it. Wait. How about that Reverse Mortgage? Yea, that’s a good idea. You get to keep living in your house but someone else actually owns it and is paying you to live in it. Good idea right? Well, you are still responsible for all repairs. A hot water heater will cost you over a $1,000. to put in. A furnace will cost you over $12,000 to replace. But heck they are paying you to live there. If you have to replace the furnace, you get cheated out of money if you die to soon.

Yea, the GOLDEN YEARS is what we all look forward to. Aren’t we lucky??????

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