A Trooper’s Special Request

Posted on December 6, 2012


Twas the night before Christmas up in Fiddler’s Green

Things were quiet and there were No Cavalry Troopers to be seen

I asked the Lord “Where were all the Troopers” and he said to me

“A special request had been made and to this I agreed”

“A Trooper came up and on bended knees he said,

”You know Lord we have not been with our families since coming to Fiddler’s Green””

“We would like just one more night to hold them near

And whisper something special in their ear.”

“I gathered all of them around me and this is what I said”

“I grant you this evening to go to them while they are laying in bed.”

“Whisper in their ear and kiss their cheek”

“Give them what they long for and what it is your seek”

With this, each the Trooper mounted his steed

And flew through the night with Blessed speed

So loved ones when you wake up in the morning feeling warm and renewed

It’s because your Trooper came down, kissed your cheek, and said I LOVE YOU.