Let Freedom Ring – A Lesson the American Youth needs to learn

Posted on May 7, 2013


Today May 4th, 2013 I watched a show on “The Pentagon Channel”. I had seen parts of it before and I only caught the majority of it this time. The show was called “The Lesson is Priceless”. It is a story about several WWII soldiers who served in Europe from “D-Day” until the end. Although the story centers around them a lot of the story is told by the people of Belgium who were children or very young adults at the time. The episode number is GI102. Copies of this DVD can be purchased by going to http://www.letfreedomringforall.org . Lesson plans made by teachers along with the DVD is available for classrooms.

This story is brought to you by George Ciampa. He was assigned to the 607th Graves Registration company during WWII. He landed on D-Day and continued until the war was over. George along with Rocco Mortello and Murry Shapiro went back to Belgium with teachers from the Torrence, California school system. They visited many of the sites that these brave men served in. Even though this story is about these three men the main point, in my opinion, was when they entered Belgium and talked to those who were liberated by these man and others.

There are many museums throughout Europe. Luxembourg, Belgium and the coastal area of France have some of the best. One of the Museums is a reconstructed barn in Belgium. It is beautifully done and with a lot of artifacts.
This is just one more way the Grateful People of Belgium honors the American Soldier.

Our Children today are not taught about Freedom. They are not taught about the Men and Women who gave their lives to insure their freedom and the freedom of those around the world.

If you are over the age of 1, you have a grandparent, Great Grandparent or Uncle and Aunts that served during WWII. Many of you, like myself, have a relative who gave their life for Freedom. My Uncle Bill was 19 when he was killed in France. Who do you Know or at least heard about who has done the same.

Wereth 11 Memorial Wereth, Belgium

Wereth 11 Memorial Wereth, Belgium

Eleven members of the 333rd US Field Artillery Battalion escaped capture from the Nazi SS. They made it to a farm house in the town of Wereth. The family took them in and gave them bread and butte and something to eat. Before the men could leave the house, a neighbor who was a Nazi sympathizer turned them into to SS. They were recaptured and taken to a field where they were brutally tortured and then either shot or stabbed to death with a bayonet.

Take the time to type “Wereth 11” into your search engine and read the story and watch the video about 11 Black Artillery Soldiers who were killed by the Nazi’s just because they were Black and considered to be worthless. Read how a Family took them in and Now have a memorial to Honor them.

Curtis Adams SC
Mager Bradley MS
George Davis AL
Thomas Forte MS
Robert Green MS
James Leatherwood MS
Nathaniel Moss TX
George Moen TX
William Pritchett AL
James Stewart WV
Due Turner AR

God Bless America and all of the Men and Women who have served or are serving today.

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