Charlie Troop Reunion – Pigeon Forge, TN October 2014

Posted on October 13, 2014


The 3rd Annual Charlie Troop Reunion was held from October 2nd thru the 5th, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The following pictures are from there:

Copy of DSC00047   Copy of DSC00052  Copy of DSC00050                                          Copy of DSC00059 Pat and Carol Bieneman

Copy of DSC00099  Don and Jo Coshey

Copy of DSC00086 Gordon and Susan Jones

Copy of DSC00084 Larry and Jeanie Oestringer

Copy of DSC00068   Phil and Brenda Merritt

Copy of DSC00078 Ernie and Rose Cairns  Copy of DSC00076  Jerry and Teri Duckworth

Copy of DSC00112 Tom and Karen Betts

Copy of DSC00069  Titch and Mary Alice Titchenell

Copy of DSC00123 Cleveland (Julio) and Gloria Rogers

DSC00035 Jerry and Ellen Berggren

Copy of DSC00065  Artie and Grace Sanders

DSC00056 Cecil and Gwynn Smith

DSC00064  Mike and Ava LaChance

Copy of DSC00062 Claude and Jean Singletary

DSC00132 John Begley

Copy of DSC00055George Van Sant

DSC00058 Joe Nave, Millie Banks, Teri Nave and Larry Banks


Copy of DSC00081  All 8 of us served in the Blues together.

The following Troopers were in attendance:

Pat and Carol Bieneman                68- 69

Don and Jo Coshey                         65-66

Richard “Reb” Herron                    70-71

Gene and Anne Smith                     65-66 No picture

Gordon and Susan Jones               66-67

Larry and Jeanie Oestringer         67-68

Phil and Brenda Merritt                 68

James Tyler                                      69-70

Ernie and Rose Cairns                    66-67

Jerry and Teri Duckworth             67-68

Tom and Karen Betts                     66-67

Walt and Mary Alice Titchenell    65-66

Cleveland and Gloria Rogers         69-70

Jerry and Ellen Berggren               66

Artie and Grace Sanders               68-69

Jesse James                                     69-70 no picture

Cecil and Gwynn Smith                 69-70

Mike and Ava La Chance               70

Crae and Peggy Carpenter             68-69

Claude and Jean Singletary           68-69

John Begley 75th Rangers & HHT 69-72

George Van Sant                           67-68

Larry and Millie Banks D Trp   65-66

Teri Nave Daughter of Billy J. Nave KIA

Joe Nave Son of Billy J. Nave KIA 1966

Even though Registration was on the 2nd, Troopers started arriving the Sunday before. By the 1st of October, we already had 90% of the Troopers in attendance.

Even though the majority of us had been eating and greeting each other for 3 or 4 days, we still had a Meet and Greet dinner on Thursday. The catered dinner was excellent. We had the “Country Hoe Down” buffet which included Fried Chicken and Fried Catfish and BBQ’d pork ribs with all of the fixins.

On Friday, for dinner we had Chicken Cordon Bleu, Ham and Turkey with all of the fixins. After dinner, we held our Silent Auction and our Raffle. We raised over $2,000 dollars of which over $1000 went into our Trooper Fund and $700 went into our Reunion Fund. A great time was had by all during the Raffle because if your number was called you could take something from the table or take something that someone had already chose. Some items were reclaimed 5 to 10 times.

Saturday found us at the “Country Tonight Show”. We did attend the 3PM showing. We received a 50% reduced price for our tickets and had great seats. Our Troop was recognized just before intermission. Before the show, the Photographer took picture of us outside facility. They took three sets of pictures; one was of the Men, one was of the Women and one was of the Men and the Women. The show was fantastic. After dinner, Joe Nave read some of his Poetry. Afterwards it was time for Laughter and joy.

Saturday evening we had a dinner of Prime Rib with all of the fixins. Afterwards we held our KIA Salute. Joe Nave light the candle on the KIA table and Teri led us in Prayer. After dinner, we all sat around and laughed and talked.

Sunday most of us met for breakfast and then departed for home. Everyone had a great and are looking forward to the 2015 Reunion. There was only one complaint about the 2014 Reunion and that had to do with one meal. The Okra was over cooked.

Talking about the 2015 Reunion, Carol, I, Titch, Mary Alice and Gordon and Susan Jones met in Columbus to set up the 2015 reunion. It will be held in Columbus, Georgia June 30th through July 2nd departing on July 3rd after the ceremony on Doughboy Stadium recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the 1st Cavalry being Reactivated.

Charlie Troop will be staying at the Holiday Inn North in Columbus. The room rate is $99.00 a night including breakfast for two for each room. The hotel will honor the $99.00 a night three days before the reunion starts and for three days afterwards.

On the night of June 30th we will hold a Meet and Greet starting at 7PM.

On the 1st of July, we will hold a semi-informal dinner. That means dress shirt and slacks for the men and comparable outfit for the ladies. This dinner will be to Honor our Men who went to Vietnam in 1965 either by boat or as replacements. There will be a ceremony before the dinner. The ceremony will start at 6PM and dinner will start at 7PM.

On the 2nd of July, we will attend a Graduation Ceremony of either a Basic Training, Advanced Infantry Training or an OCS class. Afterwards we will have a Guided Tour of the Infantry Museum and Lunch at the Museum. Upon completion of lunch we will go outside where there is a Replica of the Vietnam Wall. We will Lay two “Paver Blocks” in front of the wall. A Boy Scout Troop will Post the Colors. We will read the names of all of our Fallen Brothers and then lay a wreath with the playing of “Taps” to conclude the ceremony.

That evening we will have dinner at 7PM. Then have time to laugh and talk.

On the 3rd, we will attend the Ceremony at Doughboy Stadium. This will conclude the reunion.

We will have Police Escort to both the Museum and to Fort Benning for the ceremony.

It will be a couple of weeks before I can supply everyone with the cost of meals. As soon as I can I will do so.

You can call as early as today 706-324-0231 to make your reservations . Tell them you are registering for the “CT9” group. All reservations must be made by May 15th. We are encouraging everyone to bring family members to this reunion. Once I send out the sheet listing the costs of the meals, I will need the Monies no later than the 15th of May as well.


I hope to see everyone next year. It is our time to Honor our 65-66 Troopers.


Pat Bieneman


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