The Men who served in Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry

Posted on March 11, 2018


This is a list of all Charlie Troopers and those attached to Charlie Troop that I know of. This list is comprised of names the Walker Jones, Jack Schwarz, myself and others have come up with. If you know of more let me know. This post will only be up for some time in the future. The main place to get the roster is at


Major Williams, Billie G. Armor

Capt Carter, Harold Infantry

Capt Cummings, Willie Armor

Capt DeAmaral, Charles Armor                                                                                  KIA 10-4-65

Capt Frazee, John B. Armor

Capt Glenn, Jack B. Infantry

Capt Gower, Johnny K. Armor                                                                                 Deceased May 7, 2012

Capt Kidd, James L. Infantry

Capt King, George G. Infantry

Capt Knowlen, Charles B. Infantry

Capt Marshall, Richard Armor

Capt Park, George A. Signal

Capt Roberts, John A. Armor

1/lt Schwind, Carl J.

1/lt Westerman, Robert TC

1/lt Young, Robert S. Armor

2/lt Hiner, Franklin J. Infantry                                                                                     KIA 1968 2nd Tour

2/lt Waters, Joseph C. Armor

CW3 Henry, Raymond Avn

CW3 Prouty, Richard Avn

CW3 Reid, James S. Avn

CW3 Schanzenbach, Adolph Avn

CW2  Bogdue, Michael  Avn

CW2 Dale, Orval Avn

CW2 Dixon, William Avn

CW2 Green, Leonard Avn

CW2 Grimm, Gerald A. Avn

CW2 Hiser, Frances Avn

CW2 Patzig, W.J. Avn

CW2 Scott, Edward Avn

CW2 Toman, Gerald Avn

WO1 Bayron, Benedicto Avn                                                                            KIA: Nov 16, 1965

WO1 Golden, Gerald Avn

WO1 Hayes, Gary Bill Avn                                                                                  Deceased Feb 2002

W01 Heffener, Darwin Avn

W01 Hilburn, John H. Avn

W01 Mooney, Kenneth Avn

W01 Moser, Franklin Avn

W01 Niamtu, John E. Avn

W01 Smith, Rayburn Avn

W01 Stewart, Jon D. Avn

W01 Woodward, Edward Avn

W01 Yorke, John E. Avn0

1SG Baron, Joseph AM                                                                           Deceased 2009

SFC Kuster, Robert J                                                                              Deceased

SSG Paitsel, Paul L

SSG Pascual, Florendo                                                                         KIA 11- 3-65

SSG Bailey, Van D

SSG Newton, James A

SSG Partridge, Burl E

SSG Patterson, Roy

SSG Reece, Earl

SSG Saldana, Adam N

SP/6 Gaudalupe, Esteban

SP/6 Reis, Peter M.

SGT Medina, Rosado B

SGT Sessom, Howard                                                                         KIA: 6- 21-67

SGT Suggs, William G

SGT Timmons, Gerald T

SGT Williams, Donald M

SGT Wright, Charles W

SGT Willis, Albert

CPL Chiplin, Alfred J.

SP/5 Barrett, James                                                                                   Deceased Feb 2010

SP/5 Gaines, John W

SP/5 Knight, Billy H                                                                                  KIA:6-27-66

SP/5 Lott, Robert E

SP/5 Martin, William E

SP/5 Mobely, James L

SP/5 Norwood, T.J.

Sp/5 Parmely, Franklin K

Sp/5 Roe, Thomas E.

SP/5 Schoenborn, Robert

SP/5 Smith, Gordon L.

SP/5 Smith, Ronald D

SP/5 Thomas, John A

Sp/5 Walton, Louis E                                                                                          KIA:6-27-66

SP/5 Weeks, Douglas E.

SP/5 Williams, Fred N

SP/4 Caughron, James W.

SP/4 Clark, Williams E.

SP/4 Conner, James H

SP/4 Daniel, Jesse J

SP/4 Davis, Charles T

SP/4 Desrochers, Michael

SP/4 Frazier, Gary L

SP/4 Guzman, Gaston

SP/4 Hicks, Melvin L.

SP/4 Kauffman, Ronald E

SP/4 Lane, Charles F

SP/4 McKinney, Herbert G

SP/4 McNeal, Charles F.

SP/4 Miles, Johnnie L.

SP/4 Meadows, Timothy I

SP/4 Pennington, Eugene

SP/4 Shellman, Ralph

SP/4 Spielman, Thomas R

SP/4 Terry, Marion

SP/4 Titchenell, Wallace

SP/4 Uptain, Roy, E

SP/4 Wood, Joseph W

PFC Askew, James C

PFC Bonilla, Aremio

PFC Box, Donald S

PFC Boynton, David

PFC Brackens, Solomon E

PFC Brown, Charles E

PFC Burnsides, Verlen E

PFC Burke, Joseph R

PFC Cannon, Elmer J

PFC Cannon, Richard G

PFC Chambers, Roger L

PFC Coshey, Donald J.

PFC Cox, Jimmie R

PFC Crenner, Richard A.

PFC Deshazo, Lyndel H

PFC Dunn, Charlie G

PFC Easterwood, Richard

PFC Gavaria, George L                                                                                                   KIA 12-1-66

PFC Glisson, Michael D

PFC Gorrell, Frank

PFC Hagerud, Andrew N

PFC Hall, Carl a

PFC Hamill, Charles E.

PFC Hartley, Samuel H

PFC Hemmelgarn, Thomas

PFC Hobbs, Kenneth M

PFC Johnson, Rudolph

PFC Katanick, Russell t

PFC Lock, William E

PFC Massey, Gary L

PFC Massin (SP) Salvatore

PFC Menlock (SP) Theodore E

PFC Noyola, Richard                                                                                   KIA: 4-11-66

PFC Parrett, James R                                                                                  KIA 11-3-65

PFC Perkins, Larry W

PFC Perkins Russell G

PFC Richardson, Oscar J

PFC Rhodes, LeRoy D

PFC Rogers, Leon S

PFC Rogers, Romaine L

PFC Rowe, Billy

PFC Salazar, Armond

PFC Schifman, James E

PFC Sperruzza, James E

PFC Simmons, Charles JR

PFC Stachler, Donald E

PFC Willis, Charles L

PFC Zimmerman, Timothy

PVT Denning, Richard V

PVT Haldren, Arvin A.

PVT Stalzer, Reinhold

The above is the original roster of Troopers who went to Vietnam by Boat in 1965. These orders were given to Pat Bieneman by Titch Titchenell. Pat retyped the Roster for our website. These orders were originally carried by Major Billie G. Williams.

The following members joined C Troop after initial landing:

Arostegui, Frank; Gunner, 65-66

Barnett, James Adv Party 65-66

Bayron, Benedicto. WO Pilot                                                                     KIA: 11-16-65

Burks, William R.; Pilot, WO 65-66

Byrd, William; Medic SP4 65-66

Cooper, Junius Pilot 65-66

DeHart, Bruce; DG 65- 66                                                                                 Deceased Aug, 27, 2010

Dodloff 65-66

Eddy, Paul SP4 CE 65-66                                                                                  Deceased October 2013

Fair, Robert; DG 65-66

Gatter, Ronald DG 65-66

Geis, William 65-66                                                                                                KIA: Jan 28, 1966

Glasscock, Bill SP4 65-66

Griffin, Robert SSG Photographer 65-66

Grimsley, Willy Jr.; Blues, 65-66

Hardison 65-66

Harrah, Bill 65-66

Heath, J.D. WO Pilot 65-66

Hayes, Gary 65-66                                                                                           Deceased 2-2002

Holden, Gary 65-66

Holt, Charles T.; Pilot, 65

Isaacson, Gary; 65-66                                                                                     KIA: 6 22-66

Kelley, Mike ; CE Guns & Scouts 65-66

Knight, Billy M. 65                                                                                       KIA: 11 16-65

Lewis, LeLand 65-66

Nash, Walter; Observer/gunner 65-66

Nave, Billy  Major CO       65-66                                                              KIA: 6-27-66

Nickels, Leslie 65-66                                                                                 KIA: 8-8-66

Noonan, Gary; Gunner 65-66

Pardo, Brian D.; WO, pilot 65-66

Rhoden, Joe 1LT Pilot 65-66

Riley, James L. 65                                                                                     KIA: 11- 16-65

Schomotolocha, Jerry SP4 65-66

Scott, Clark 65-66

Sedaca, Emanuel; 65-66

Stewart, Jon 65-66

Talley, Billy J WO Pilot 65                                                                        KIA: Nov 16, 1965

Treadway, Kenneth; SSgt Scout 65-66

Utz, Ralph SSG Red 65-66

Walters, Tom 65-66

Ward, Hosie; Gunner 65-66

Weed, Frank SP5  Scouts   65-66

Wolff, Roy 65-66

Woodward, Wallace Blue RTO, 65-66

Musgrove, John Cpt USAF Attached 65                                                KIA 10-4-65


Armenta, Jesus F.; 66

Ansel, Sam 66

Bakke, Tony 66                                                                                       KIA: Aug 8, 1966

Beller, Jack L.; Pilot 66-67

Berggren, Jerry; CE 66

Best, David M.; Capt. Red Pilot 66-67

Betts, Tommy; SP4Blues 66-67

Blevens, Virgil E.; Capt. 66-67

Bowles, Dallas L.; Pilot 66

Bratcher, Dan; 66-67

Brennan, Matt SP4 66-68

Burke, Paul F.; Pilot 66-67

Burns, Claude; SP4 66-67

Cairns, Ernest; SP4 CE 66-67

Carter, Wayne; Pilot, 66

Crawford, George S.; CPT, pilot, 66-67

Crawford, Michael E.; 1LT,Pilot 66-67

Crispino, Joe; FO, Blues 66

Daniels, ?; Gunner, 66-67

Derrick, Charles E.; Pilot, 66-67

Dinsmore, Del; CE, 66-67

Evans, Edward 66-67

Farberman, Nathan H.; 1LT 66-67

Fidel, Honorio  WO Pilot  67-67                                                                         KIA: 8-9-67

Freshour 66-67

Gabel, Richard; Pfc Scout observe r 66

Gonderman, Frank L SP4 CE 66                                                                          KIA: Jun 27, 1966

Green, Jr, Willie PFC Blues 66                                                                              KIA: Oct 3, 1966

Grove, Earl; SP4 66-67                                                                                           KIA April 10, 1967

Guadalupe, Estaban SFC 66

Hailiday, Alfred PFC DG 66

Hinchey , Barry; SGT 66

Honeywell, Dan; Pilot, 66

Howe, Harvey WO Pilot 66-67                                                                         KIA: Jan 28, 1967

Hundley, Stephan W.; SFC, Maint 66-67

Johnson, Tom; 66-67

Johnspn, Frederick SGT CE 66

Jones, Gordon E.; Blues-D G 66-67

Kahl, Dennis; 66-67

Kaneshiro, Edward 66-67 Blues                                                               KIA: 3-6-67

Karnes, Russ 66-67

Keifer, Joe; SP4 66-67                                                                                 KIA: Jan 4, 1967

Kessler, Tom; CE 66

Kexel, Edward; Spc4, Scout CE 66-67

Kimel, Gerald D.; Pilot 66-67

Koch, Thomas; SP4 66                                                                            KIA May 28, 1966

Kohlitz, Guy PFC DG 66

Lanier, Mike; ?, 66-67

Largent, Larry; Door Gunner, 66-67

Lewandowsky , Charles W.; Spc4 66-67

Lotzman, Peter SP4 CE 6

Lowry, Andy; Blues 66

Mabrey, R. B.; pilot UH-1B 66

Martinez, George; PFC, Blues 66-67

Masick, Chuck; Pilot, 66

Matthews JR, Allan CPT Blues 66

McAlpine, Barry; Plt Sgt 66-67

McAuliffe, Albert J. WO Pilot 66                                                                         KIA: Dec 18, 1966

McDonnell, Joel WO Pilot 66                                                                                 KIA: Dec 18, 1966

Meehan, Richard W. WO Pilot 66                                                                        KIA: Aug 8, 1966

Merrifield, Tom Lift 66-67

Miller, Harold; E-4, CE, 66- 67

Moran Jr., Ray; SP4 DG 66-67                                                                             KIA: Aug 9, 1967

Morris , Crayton V. WO Pilot 66-67

Nelson, Allan; SP4 CE 66                                                                                       KIA: Dec 1, 1966

Noyola,,Richard; SP4 Blues 66                                                                             KIA 4-11-66

Peagler, LeRoy SGT 66-67                                                                                     KIA: 1-2-67

Perrin, Richard T.1LT Pilot 66                                                                              KIA: 6-27-66

Pezzuto, James; CE 66-67

Potter, Mickey; WO, Lift pilot 66-67

Ribbeck, Rudolph R. WO pilot 66-67

Richey, R. A. Maj XO CO 66-67

Rickerson James PFC Blues                                                                                 KIA: 5-31-67

Rogers, Richard A.; WO Lift pilot 66

Rosenthal 66-67

Russell, John SP4 CE 66

Saelen, Frank; 66

Schrader, Galen CPT Red Pilot 66-67

Simons, Gerald Maj CO 66                                                                  KIA: 8-8-66

Smith, Clifford CPT Blues 66                                                              KIA: 12-1-66

Snyder, Ron Scout CE 66-67

Sossman, James R.; Maj. 66-67

Strobel, William  SP4 CE                                                                     KIA: 7-9-67

Turner, Carl 66-67

Viig, Larry Blues 66-67

War, Jerry 66

Warner, Tom 66-67

Winn, William 66-67

Alderhold, Cecil L; PFC, 67

Amsden, James 67-68

Askew, Phillip “Mike”; Spc4 Red CE 67-68

Baker, Benny SP4 Medic 67-68

Baker, Raymond L.; SSgt 67-68

Baker, Roger; WO pilot 67-68

Barber, Louis P. Jr.; 1Lt. RED’ 67-68

Beatson, Dave; 67-68

Black, James; Blues, Gunner, 67-68

Blouin, David 67

Boles, James H. Spc5, Red CE, 67-69

Boyd , Gerald D. WO Pilot 67                                                                      KIA: 6-21-67

Brasher, David      67-70

Breedlove, Kemp F.; PFC, 67

Briggman, James H.; Pilot 67-68

Bright, Travis; Sp4, Blues 67-68

Brown, Nelson S.; Red Lift, 67-68

Campbell, Thomas E. 1LT 67                                                                 KIA: 6-21,-67

Carter, Wayne 67

Cartzlafner, Gary 67-68

Clark, Terry WO  Pilot    67                                                                   KIA: 11-19-67

Cogar, Ronald A.; Spc5, Red CE, 67

Cooper, J. P.; 1Lt, Red Pilot, 67

Condell, Kenneth Maint 67-68

Crane, Dean D. 67                                                                                       KIA: 6-21-67

Crawford, Lee G.; WO, Lift Pilot 67-68

Crossman, Melvin; 67                                                                                KIA:12-13-67

Crutfield, Forrest; SSgt , Red Plt 67-68

DaCosta, Stephen Pilot 67-68

Dallas, Bob 67

Daniels, Ernest A.; Lt., Blue Plt.Ldr 67-68

Davis, Leonard; Lt, 67-68

Davis, Paul ; Red Pilot 67

Davis, Robert A.; Sgt 67

Deel, Arlin “Art”; TRP CO 67-68

DeLeon, Luis G.; Spc4, Blues, 67- 68

DePassio, Anthony; Spc4, Blues 67

DePassio, Frank T.; E4, gunner, 67                                                                         Deceased Spring 2005

Diamond 67-68

Dorsett, E. A.; Spc4, DG, 67

Douglas , Stephen E.; Pilot 67-68

Douglas, John Henry; Blues, 67

Drnek, John; Spc4, Blues, 67-68

Duckworth, Jerry; Spc4, Blues, RTO 67-68

Dykstra, Dale; 67-68

Ellis, Thomas C.; Pilot 67

Elo, Frank 67-68

Fellin, Robert J. ; Blues, 67-68

Ferrizzi, Ronald “Ron”; Spc5, Lift 67-68

Foree, Melvin H; Spc4 67

Foster, Thomas. H.; E2, CE 67

Frields, Forrest; Pilot, 67- 68

Fritche, Don; 67

Gable, Dennis 67-68

Gibson, William E. “Bill” ; WO, pilot 67-68

Giddens Jr, Horace; WO Pilot 67-68                                                                               KIA: 2 2-68

Glascock, Bill B; Spc4 Red CE 67

Greene, Stan 67

Greger, David; 1SG, 67-68

Griener, Thomas; Sgt Blues, 67

Griffiths, John J.; Red”, 67-68

Hammerstone, Dennis; Spc5, 67-68

Harvey, Ralph C.; WO Lift Pilot 67

Hazelwood, John W.; WO 67-68;                                                                 Deceased Dec.21, 2003

Henrey, Richard SP4  CE                                                                                Deceased 9-25-67

Herget, Craig N.; WO 67

Hickman, J.D.; SGT 67-68

Hicks, Wayne G.; WO, Lift pilot 67-68

Hite, john; 67-68

Holden, James D. CPT, Red Pilot 67-68

Holobaugh, Jr., David B. Cpt., Pilot 67-68

Honzo, Joseph; Observer, 67-68

Horstman, Joe   67-68

Hydleman, Danny 67

Iannuzzi, Chuck; Gun pilot 67-68

Ingle, Robert H. Jr; Spc4, 67-68

Jackson , Dereld; SGT, Red 67-68 and 70-71

Jenkins, Jerry L. 67-68

Johns, Ronald; Scouts DG 67-68                                                                          KIA: 3-15-68

Johnson, Rick L. ‘Ricky”; Pilot,Red 67-68

Johnston, Julian B. Red and White 67-68

Kerns, Jr, Raymond A.; WO, Scout 67-69                                                           Deceased Aug 2009

Kretschman, Dirk D Red pilot 67-68

Lane, James G.; 1LT, Scout pilot 67-68

Lanucci, ? ; pilot 67

Lawry, Richard H. Scout pilot, 67-68

Libby, Jeff; Spc5, Gun CE . RED 67-68

Mann, Ronald E; Spc4, Red Gunner, 67

Mansfield, John; ?, 67-68

Mc Ilhenny, John; , CWO-Scout Pilot; 67-68

McAlpine, Barry; Plt Sgt 66-67

Merrick, Larry G.; Spc5 Red CE 67-68

Neilson, Jay 67

Oestringer, larry Spc4, Blues, 67-68

Olsen, Kenneth; CE 67-68

Olson, Roger K; Spc5 67

Owens, David; OH-13 gunner 67-68

Peterson, Grant H.; WO pilot 67-68

Plaxton, Pless SP4 Blues 67-68

Porrazzo, Louis E. 1LT Piulot 67                                                           KIA: 9-27-67 After Trans B Trp

Pugh, Walter J.(JIM) 1Lt, Scouts 67-68

Rafter, Ronald; WO pilot 67-69

Raia, John; Blues 67 –68

Ramsay, David; Blues 67

Rochkes, Francis 67                                                                   KIA: 8-9-967

Romero, Fred; 67-68

Rosebrough, Jerry; SP4 Red CE 67- 68

Rosenthal, Dennis 67

Ryan, Earnest; Spc5 Avionics 67-68

Samuels, Preston; CE 67-68

Santiagon SSG Blues 67-69

Schoonover, Floyd “Sandy” 67-68

Schultz, Edward “Ed”; Lt. Blue 67

Schrader, Rudolf SGT OBs 67-68                                               KIA: 6-23-68

Schultz, Edward “Ed”; Lt. Blue 67

Scott, Robert H.; CPT Lift pilot 67-68

Shatley, Mike 67

Simmons, Robert; 67-68

Sistek, John B; LIFT CE 67-68Smeal, Robert SGT CE 67-68                                                   KIA: 3-15-68

Smith, Byron W.; CPT pilot 67 –68

Soma, Thomas SP5 Scouts 67-69                                           KIA:12-30-69

Stevens, Gary L.; Spc4 67-68

Suydam, John; SP4 DG 67-68                                             KIA: 2-12-68

Thomas, James “Hank” ; Lift pilot 67

Thompson, Robert A. CPT Red Pilot 67                                           KIA: 8-9-67

Toliver, Phillip; Spc5, Red CE 67-68

Truesdale, Bill; 67-69

Thompson, Robert 1LT  Pilot                                                             KIA: 8-9-67

Turner, Frank; 67-68

VanSant, George; Spc4, 11B..Blues, 67-68

Wales, Walter C; 1Lt 67

Webb, Bill; 67-68

West, Randy; Pilot 67

Wetzel, Carl L. Jr.; PFC 67-68

Wilkerson, Dee L.; Spc4, 67-68

Wise, James D. SP4 Blues 67                                                        KIA: 9-16-67

Waladyka, Donald S; PFC, 67

Worrell, Terry L.; Blues 67- 68

Aber, Edward C.; Spc4, Blues 68-69                                                      Deceased Dec 2009

Austin, Victor L. Sp4, Scouts 68                                                              KIA: 12-29-68

Beekman, Joseph; Spc5 Gun CE 68-69

Bickle, Kent; Spc4, Scout 68- 69

Bieneman, Patrick M.; E4 Blues 68-69

Blankenship, Hanibal “Jay”; Sgt. Blue 68-69

Bodholdt, Ronald D.; CW2, Red Pilot 68-69                                           Deceased

Booth, Johnny Lloyd; CPT, 68-71?

Boucher, Joel; Spc4, Red gunner 68-69

Bradley, Jerome L. Pilot, Red 68-69

Bradley, Robert M. ; PFC, Blue, 68

Brennan, Bob; 68-69

Bresnahan, Michael; Sp4, Blues, 68-69

Brown, Charlie SSG Mess SGT 68-69

Brown, Steven W.; Sp5, Red CE,TI, 68-69

Burns, Ernest D.; CW2 C&C 68-69                                                           KIA: 7-14-69

Burrell, Horace SP4 Blues 68-69

Cagle, James Sgt Blues 68-69                                                                          Deceased 1992

Calvert, George; MAJ, Troop XO 68

Campos, Robert; Pilot 68-69

Carpenter, Crae; Spc4., Blues 68-69

Cartwright, Paul W.; Spc4 Blues 68-69

Chimoski, Al; 68-69

Clay, George PFC 68-69

Contrell, Kenneth SP6 68-69

Cox, Don W.; Spc5, 68-69

Crowley, Charles 1LT, Scout pilot, 68

Cyphers, Edd; Sgt, Blues, 68-69

Dale , Ronald P.; Pilot, 68

Dallas, Robert P.; WO, Pilot 68-69

Davenport, Bard; WO1 Scout 68-69                                                        KIA: 3-27-69

Davis, Ray G. ; SGT C&C 68-69                                                                KIA: 7-14-69

Diamond,  68-69

Donahue, Joseph R.; WO, pilot, 68-69

Donahue SP4 Blues 68-69

Dorsey, James J.; MAJ, Red Plt Ldr 68

Evans, Gary G.; CE 68                                                                                     KIA: 6-12-68

Fasthorse, Marlin D. SSG Scout 68-69

Favorite, Steve ; CE Red 68-70

Feucht, Steve 68-70

Frazee, Rodney SP4 Blues 68-69

Glaspie WJ Sgt, Blues 68-69

Gossage, Douglas; CE Scout 68                                                                        KIA: 9-26-8

Guthrie, Peter; 1LT, Blue Plt Ldr 68-69

Guzman, Ramon; Plt Sgt, Blues 68-69

Hansen, John C.; WO Scout 68-69                                                              KIA: 7-15-69

Harnisher, Thomas J.; Scout Pilot, 68-69

Harper, Allan; CE 68-69                                                                              KIA: 3-27-69

Hearron, Aussie S.; ?, 68

Hess, Glenn; WO, Scout & Lift Pilot, 68-69

Hipple, Jr., Percy D. “Doc” * Sp4 68-69

Hoffman, Gary WO Pilot 68-69

Horstman, Joe  68-69

Huffman. Bruce 1LT Scout Pilot 68-69

Janus, Jan D; Pilot “Cavalier 6X”, 68-69

Jayne, Greg; Spc 4, CE, scout/Blues, 68-69

Jelich, John; WO Scout 68-69                                                                                 KIA 4-1-72 2nd tour 229th AVN

Jones, Larry P.; Spc4, Blues 68-69

Karwoski, Michael T.; Spc4 Red DG, 68

Keel, David L.; 1LT Scout 68-69

Kehoe, Thomas M.; Sgt. Blues 68-69                                                                 Deceased Oct 2009

Kerns, Ray WO Scouts Pilot 68-69

Kingman, Barry; 1LT Scouts 68-69                                                                      KIA: Dec 29, 1968

Kirk, John J.; Spc5, 68-69

Knodt, Norman C. WO, 68-69

Kunzi, John SDP$ Blues 68-69

Lamb, Richard; ?, 68

Lane, Lance C.; CPT, Red” 68-69

Lee, Cliff WO Pilot 68-69

Lewandowski, Charles SP4 CE 68-69

Lovelady, Norman E. (Ed) ; Spc4 Red 68

Luna, Frank SGT 68

Maddox, Roger; Sp4 Blues 68-69                                                             Deceased Sep 2009

Mathis, David M.; CPT Cobra pilot 68-69

Mathis, Gary T.; WO, Scout pilot 68-69

Matthews, Jr., Allan L.; MAJ,Trp CO 68                                                  Deceased Nov 19, 2008

McCann, John; Sgt, Blues 68-69

McDonald, Kenneth Spc5, 68-69

Merritt, Phillip; Sgt Blues 68

Miller, Geo (Howard); 68-69

Murray, Eldon Sgt Blues, 68                                                                         Deceased 4-23-2005

Myhre, Michael D. WO, Red 68-69

Newport, Harvey E.; 68-69

Nichols, Dean; CW3, Red 68

Noel, Rich; WO, Pilot Guns Lift 68

Norris, Rennie SP4 CE 68-69

Panamaroff, Walter 1LT Pilot 68                                                                KIA: 3-15-68

Parks, Max R.; Spc5 CE 68-71

Partridge, Robert G., Spc5, 68-69

Peterson, Pete; Spc4, Lift Gunner, 68-69

Pierce, Gary T; Sgt 68

Powell, John CPT Pilot 68-69

Rafter, Ron WO Pilot 68-69

Ramsaur, John B.; 1LT Pilot Red Plt 68

Rankin, Thomas C.;Maj Red 68

Render, Terrence M.; 1LT Red Pilot 68

Roberts, Ronald; Sp4 Scout DG 68                                                                  KIA: 12-29-68

Rodriguez, Fernando SSgt, Red 68-69

Rondon-Melendez, Efrain, SFC 68

Ryan, John WO Scout Pilot 68-69

Sacca, John Wands; CE, Blues RTO 68-69

Salazar, Leopold J.; Sp4 CE Red 68 -69                                              Deceased Mar 2, 2006

Sander, Artie; SSg, Blues 68-69

Sargent, Donald SP4 CE 68

Schaumberg, Tom; Blue Plt.Ldr 68

Seawell, James; Pilot 68-69

Sewell, William; Spc5 Scout gunner 68

Sharron, ??; Maj. XO? 68

Singletary, Claude; Sgt,. Blue 68-69

Snipes, John 1SG, 68-69

Schlemer, Mike  68-69

Solomon, Jr, Ralph B.; 1LT, Scout 68

Sonnkalb Jr, Charles WO Scout 68                                                          KIA: 8-16-68

States, John W. SSG Obs Scout 68                                                           KIA: 9-26-68

Stephens, Craig; 68-69

Stewart, atrick WO Pilot 68-69

Suade (?), Gary WO Pilot 68

Suggs, James Tony; Spc 5 Scout Gunner, 68-69

Sundquist, Jack; CPT Pilot 68                                                                    KIA: 3-15-68 After trans to B Troop

Svaren, J.R.; Spc5, RED CE 68-70

Thigpen, Jesse J.; Spc4 Lift CE 68-69

Thames, Joe SP4 Blues 68-69

Thomas, Kent R.; Scout gunner 68-69

Toolson, John M.; MAJ CO “Cavalier 6” 68-69

Trent, Larry; Spc5, CE, 68-69

Tuttle, Mike WO Scout Pilot   68-68

Ungaro, Jim; Scout pilot 68-69                                                                      Deceased May 27, 1983

Valencia, Herbert M. Pilot 68-69

Wagner, Bill; Pilot, Red 68-69

Wallace, John C.; WO Scout Pilot, 68                                                            KIA: 9-26-68

Waller, Jacky Spc4, 68-69

Waller, John; SP4 Scout CE 68-69                                                                 KIA: 3-27-69

Weber, Paul F. SP4 Scout 68-69                                                                    KIA: 6-2-69

Wilson, Pete; Lift CE 68

Winslip, Cornelius SP4 Blues 68-69

Woodruff, John J. SGT Scout gunner 68-69                                                      Deceased Dec 6, 2015

Addison, Richard; PFC, 69

Adkins, Kelly; Pvt, 69

Alameda, Frank; 69-70

Allcut, Gregory L.; Capt., Lift, 69-70

Anderson,John E.; WO Pilot 69                                                                           KIA: 7-21-69

Andrews, Herbert PFC 69

Ashworth, J. Doug; WO Scout 69

Atkins, John W.,Jr.; WO Scout,lift, 69-70

Bailey, Rae   SGT SP4     DG                                                                  KIA: 10-18-70

Barton, Quinn; Scout Observer, 69-70

Batchelor, John N.; 1Lt. Tech Sup 69-70

Battel, Anthony; WO Red Pilot , 69-70                                                 KIA: 6-28-70

Beato, James; Spc5, 69

Beekman, Joseph SP4 69

Beene, Larry “Steve”.; WO/2Lt Red Pilot 69-70;                                 Deceased May 17, 2013

Berg, Jerry; Maintenance, 69-70

Bell, Kenneth SP5 69

Blossom, Rea; Spc5, 69

Boisseau, Mark F.; WO Lift Pilot 69-70

Bonci, David; Sfc Ops. 69-/70

Bourgeois, Terry; Spc5, 69

Bowen, Ben   69-70

Bowers, Danny; SP$ CE 69-70                                                          KIA 5-2-70

Brasteter, Richard A.; Sgt, 69

Briggs, Myron; WO, Pilot, 69-70

Brinkman, Frederic; SSG, 69

Brown, Franklin; Spc4, 69

Brown, Joseph; Spc4, 69

Brown, Leroy; PFC, 69

Brown, Steven PFC 69

Brown, Warren F.; PFC Scouts 69                                                       KIA: 6-2-69

Brubaker,? ; Scout gunner 69-70

Bryant, David SP4 CE      69-70                                                         KIA: 10-19-70

Butler, Dewey R. SP4 C&C DG 69                                                      KIA: 7-14-69

Butler, Dwight SFC, 69

Cale, Lloyd; Spc4, 69

Campbell, Thomas E.; Sp5 Lift CE 69-70

Cantwell, Larry E., Spc5 69

Carbaugh, Ivan C.; E5. 69

Cardenas, Jose; Spc5 69

Carpenter, Merl SGT 69

Carroll, Roger E;. SP4 Blues 69                                                             KIA: 10-30-69

Cepek, Ronald G.; SSG Blues 69-70

Chestnut, LeLand SP$ CE                                                                      KIA: 5-10-70

Chewning, Jesse S.; Msg, 69-70

Clay, George; PFC, 69

Clodfelter, Johnny; Spc4, 69

Cody, J. Michael; Blue, 69-70

Combs, David  SP4  CE                                                                                  KIA: 5-27-70

Condell, Kenneth; Spc6, 69

Connel, Thomas; Blues; 69-71

Conrad, Kenneth N.; 69

Cordova, Joseph; Spc5, 69

Coskrey, James C.; Pfc 69

Cottrell, John; PFC, 69

Criser, Thomas J.; SGT Blues 69-70

Crosby, David Spc5, 69

Curtis, James Sgt, 69

Czeiszperger, Mich Spc4, 69

Dangerfield, Paul Sgt, 69

Daugherty, George “DOC” 69-70

, Gary L.; Spc4, Scout gunner, 69-70

Davis, Terry; 69

Davis, Thomas CPT, Maint. Off. 69-70

De la Rosa, Lionel; Blues 69-70                                                                        Deceased Mar 2010

Dean Jr., James R.; Sp4 DG 69                                                                       KIA: 12-30-69

Dedrick, Tommy G.; Spc4, 69

Deel, Roger L; Red Platoon, 69-7

Dennull, Edward M.; Spc 4 Scouts 69                                                         KIA: 7- 21-69

De Rhone, Michael Scout gunner, 69-70

Dial, Terry Spc4, 69

Dies, Kenneth P.; CPT, Scout 69-70

Dillon, William, Spc4, 69-70

DiNardo, Joseph Spc5, 69

Dooley, James d; CW3, Lift Pilot, 69

Dornellas, Richard A. SSG Obs 69                                                          KIA: 6-27-72; 2nd tour

Douglas, Larry, S.; E4, 69

Dull, Sidney 69-70

Duncan, Hugh Spc4, 69

Dzwigalski, Dave M; Lift CE, 69 70                                                         Dec’d Aug 11 2002 (cancer)

Early, Nicholas; Spc4, 69

Edwards, Dennis R.; S Sgt, 69

Edwards, Harrold Sgt, 69

Elza, William Spc4, Scouts, 69

Fair, James N.; Pfc, 69

Fatzinger, Howard W.; Sgt. 69

Felton, Thomas; Maj, CO 69                                                                    KIA: 7-14-69

Fender, Jake; 69

Ferguson, William Spc4, 69

Ferragane, Pasquale Spc4, 69

Feught, Steve Spc4, Scout gunner 69-70

Flagg, Joseph Spc4, 69

Flores, Thomas; Pfc, 69

Florez, Robert Spc 5, Blues, 69-70

Floyd, Donald, 69

Forsyth, Robert; CW2, Pilot 69-70                                                      Deceased Oct 24, 2015

Foster, Danny; PFC, 69

Frazee, Rodney Spc4, 69

Fuqua, James W.; 1LT, 69

Garcia, Reyes; Lift CE, 69

Garnhart, Steven D.; Scout gunner 69-70

Garrison, Gerald PFC, 69

Gaudet, Burton PFC, 69

Giles, Eddie L; PSG, 69

Gilpin, Truman L.; E6, 69

Ginney, Douglas T SGT, 69-70

Good, Bobby J.; CPT, Lift, 69-70

Grace, Edgar C Spc5, 69-70

Grady, Harold E.; E4, 69

Grandpre, Randall Spc4, 69

Grandy, Philip L.; WO, pilot 69

Graves, James M.; PFC, 69

Gray, Donald Spc4, 69

Green, Jordan; E5, 69

Gretzinger, John E. T.; WO, Scout 69-70

Griffin, Michael; Scout crewman, 69-70

Grover, Larry M.; WO/LT, Cobra pilot 69-70

Gruetzemacher III, Edward C.; CPT, Maint 69-70

Halverson, Frank; Spc4, 69

Halvorson, Steven J.; Spc4, 69

Hansen, John  1LT   Pilot                                                                                         KIA: 7-15-69

Harmon, Troy 69

Harrell, John PFC, 69

Harrod, Allen J.; E5 Lift gunner 69-70

Hartin, Jr., William CPT, Lift 69

Heyward, ? SSG E-7, Maintenance 69-70

Hice, Danny D.; 69

Hills, Edward Spc5 69

Hobson, Richard L. WO, Scout Pilot 69-70

Hogeboom, Edward P. WO, Scout Pilot 69-70

Hood Jr., Charles P. CPT Pilot 69                                                                         KIA: 12-12-69

Hooker, Charles L.; Spc4, 69

Hopkins, Williem J.; Spc4, 69

Hubbard, ?; Lift Plt Sgt 69-70

Huber, Ronald L.; WO Red Pilot 69

Huff II, William S.; CPT, Cobra Pilot, 69-70

Huff, Jack PFC, 69

Hughes, Clyde 69-70

Hunter, Michael; WO, Cobra Pilot 69-70                                                               KIA:1-28-70

Hutson, Anthony V.; Scout pilot, XO 69

Jack, Donald SFC, 69

James, Jesse; Sgt. Engine Tech. 69-70

Jenkins, Glenn A. 1LT, Blues 69

Jennings, Gayle; CPT, Wpns 69

Jones, Herman; Sgt, 69

Jones, Robert; SSG, 69

Joyce, Van  1LT 69-71                                                                                              KIA: 3-12-71

Junger, Dennis M.; Spc5, Maint. 69-70

Juve, Richard ; Scout gunner, 69-71

Kappel, G. Joseph ; CPT, Scout 69-70

Karas, Steven C. WO, Lift Pilot, 69-70.                                                 Deceased (cancer) Dec-17-2008

Kearney, Arthur PFC, 69

Kershey, William R. ; WO, pilot, 69-70

King, John; Spc4, Maintenance, 69-70

Kink, David R.; WO Pilot 69                                                                       KIA: 8-3-69

Kirk, John SP5 69

Kowalski, Henry; E4, 69-70

Krause, Larry D.; Scout gunner 69-70

Kunzi, John; Scouts and lift gunner 69-70

Kuykendall Hubert; WO Scout Pilot 69-70

Lacy, Walter Spc5, 69

Lamont, Myron R.; WO, Cobra Pilot, 69-70

Land, James PFC, 69

Lane, Vaughn S; WO Cobra Pilot 69-70

Lazootin, Fred Spc5, 69

Lee, Clifford W.; WO, Scout & Lift Pilot 69-70

Levendosky, Leslie; Spc5 69-70

Lewis, Rhett W.; CPT, Lift 69-70                                                                                 De ceased Dec, 2009

Little, John M.; Spc4 69

Lobry, Rogerm A.; Spc4, 69

Love, Rodney A.; Sgt, 69

Lovey, Michael; Spc4, 69

Lowe, Sampson David Spc4, 69

Mackel, Jr., John J.; LT Gun pilot, Blues 69-70

Madara , James R.; Spc4 Avionics, 69-70

Madore, Norman A.; 1SGT 69-70

MaHaffey, James B.; WO Scout & Lift Pilot 69-70

Maki, William Spc5, 69

Martin, Michael A. CPT, Scout 69-70.                                                              Deceased 10/21/09

Mays, Willie PFC, 69

McBlain, Thomas G., PFC 69

McDonald, Kenneth SP5 69

McDonald, Rickey L.; Spc5, Gun CE, 69

McKiddy, Gary; SP4 Scout 69-70                                                                 KIA 5-6-70

McLain, Thomas Spc4, 69

McManamy, Charles W.; CPT CO 69

McNeill, Julian Spc4, 69

Melton, Michael A.; Spc4, 69

Micklin, Clare “Mick” Scout gunner 69-70

Midwin, George; SGT, Lead Maint. 69

Miller, Chris; Scout Observer 69

Miller, Clayton Spc4, 69

Miller, Henry C.; Spc 5 69

Miller, Michael; Spc5 CE Lift 69-70

Miller, Nicholas T. “Nick”; WO, Lift Pilot 69

Minnich, Mike “Bosco”; Spc4, Lift CE, 69-70

Mohr, Raymond J.; Cobra Pilot, 69-70

Moody, Stephen T.; WO Pilot 69                                                                     KIA: 7-2-69

Moore, Robert L.; Pfc, 69

Murillo, Polito G.; Spc4, 69

Neff, Jr., William R Spc5 Scout gunner 69-70

Neff, Steve; Scout gunner 69-70

Nelson, Ervin C. “Erv”; WO Pilot 69-70

Nelson, Jr., Vincent K, Lift /Sct Ldr 69-70

Neville, Rosse; WO1, 69

Newbury, Stanley; Spc4, Supply 69-70

Newman, Robert E; 1LT Scout Pilot 69-70

Nichols, Robert Spc4, 69

Nields,Robert K; CPT Wpns pilot 69-70

Norris, Rennie Spc5, 69

Norton, David B.; Scout gunner 69

Ochs, James Spc4, 69

Orndorff, Richard A.; S Sgt 69

Ortiz, Gilbert; Spc4, 69

Owens, Keith; Spc5, Armament 69-70

Padilla, Orlando; Lift, 69-70

Parks, Max 69-70

Parr, Jerry; Sgt Scout gunner 69

Parr, Stephen; Sgt, CE 69

Partridge, Robert SP5 69

Patterson, Phil “Pat”; Scout observer 69-70

Pedrick, David; Spc5, 69

Phillips, James Spc6, 69

Pickelsiker ,Earl Spc4, 69

Pidilia, Orlando 69-70

Poindexter, Micheal L. WO ,Red Pilot 69-70

Porter, Donald J.; 1LT Pilot Scout 69                                                                KIA: 6-2-69

Potter, William; WO Scout Pilot 69                                                                   KIA: 3-27-69

Pressman, James L.; CPT, Lift 69-70

Pruett, Larry D.; Sgt. Blue 69-70

Putney, Daryl Spc4, 69

Quan, Wilkenr G; SSG 69

Rankin, Garth; Scout gunner 69-70

Reed, Larry Spc4, 69

Reeg, Harold E. (Harry); Spc5, Lift 69-70

Reichling, Thomas G.; SSG 69-70

Rhodes, Brian Spc4, 69

Richardson, George; Sgt, 69

Ritchason, Gary T.; SSG, Blues, 69-70                                                             Deceased: Feb 6, 2017

Roger, David; SSgt, Blues, 69-70

Rogers, Cleveland O.; Spc5 69-70

Rosher, Galen D.; MAJ XO /CO 69-70

Russell, Luther M. “Russ”; WO Scout Pilot 69

Ryan, John; B Red Pilot 69

Salmon, Gary D.; CE 69

Sanchez, Daniel P. ; Spc4 69-70

Sargent, Donald Spc4, 69

Scarborough, ?; , Scoutgunner, 69

Schaff, Loren W.; 69

Schatz, Kurt F.; WO/LT Scout, 69-70

Scheurer, Ed; SP5, CE 69-70Scott, Jimmy L Jr.; SSG, 69

Seiders, Ronald SSG, 69

Sena, Fabe Spc5, 69

Serkez, Steven J.; PFC Scout 69-70

Sewell, William SP5 69

Shaffer, Nathan D. “Nate”; Scout gunner 69-70

Sharp, John; 69

Sheppard, Mike; 69

Shrader, Cecil Lynn CO 69

Silva, Robert R.; 69

Simerville, James Red Pilot 69-70

Sleasman, Robert PFC, 69

Slye, George; SSGT, Blues 69                                                                       KIA 5-2-70 Trans to A Ttrp

Smith, Chris; E4 observer 69

Smith, Cecil “Smitty”; CPT Scout 69-70

Smith, Charles”Irling”;CPT Red Pilot 69                                                       Deceased Aug 27, 2000

Smith, Edward “Eddie”; Spc5, 69-70

Smith, John; CPT Wpns Plt Ldr 69

Smith, Karl G.; WO Scout Pilot 69

Smith, William Walden; Spc4, Maintenance, 69-70

Smith, Willie PFC, 69

Snowden, Danny W.; WO Scout Pilot 69-70

Starr, Garrett C. “Gary” ; CPT Maint. 69-70

Stewart, Patrick E.; CPT Wpns 69-70

Stokesberry, Jr., Thomas; SGT, CE guns 69-70

Stone, Jefferey A.; Spc4 69-70

Strickland, John Sgt, 69

Swayze, Gerald Clifford; CPT Scout Pilot 69

Tapp, Steven L.; Sp4, 69

Thacker, Daniel L; Spc 5, 69

Thomas, Larry A.; CE 69-70

Thomas, Michael Spc4 69

Thompson, ?; ?; Lift Gunner; 69-70

Thornson, Dave Scout Observer, 69-70

Thurrott, Wayne; PFC, Scout Gunner 69                                                              Deceased Feb 9, 2015.

Tietenburg, Enn I.; CPT Lift Plt Ldr, XO 69-70                                                   Deceased Oct. 2001

Torres, Richard Spc4, 69

Tredway, Robert N.; MAJ CO 69                                                                                 Deceased

Tucker, Thomas Spc5, 69

Turnbull, Sammy Spc4, 69

Turner, James R.; Sgt, 69

Tyler, James E. WO Lift/ Scout Pilot 69-70

Van Beber, Richard; CPT 69-70

Vanasse, Eugene T.; Sp4 69-70

Vasquez, Frank Spc4, 69

Walker, Daniel Jr.; Sp4, 69

Walker, Paul; CE 69-70

Walker, Thomas; Scout gunner, Blues, 69 -70

Waller, Jacky Spc4, 69

Wardzala, Daniel E.; Spc4, Scout gunner 69

Washburn, Terry L.; WO Red Pilot 69

Washburne, Jr., Jack N.; WO Scout pilot; 69-70

Wheeler, Charles “Mick”; Scout gunner 69-70

White, Cordis R.; SP4 Blues 69                                                                                       KIA: 9-18-69

Whitmore, James; WO Pilot 69-70                                                                                KIA: 1-4-70

Williams, Evan F.; S Sgt, 69

Williams, Franklin “Frankie”; Scout Obs 69-70

Williams, Waldo; WO Pilot 69-70                                                                              KIA: 1-4-70

Wilson, James; Spc4, Scout gunner 69-70

Wilson, Steven R.W.; 69

Wohlwend, William R.; Spc5 69-70

Wood, Billy Spc5, 69

Wright, Grover E.; WO Red Pilot 69-70

Wright, James W.; Pfc, 69

Yelsley, Kenneth B.; SSG 69 trans to A trp. 1969

Young, Raymond B. Jr.; Spc 5, 69

Zastrow, Robert; WO Lift Pilot 69

Zimmerman, David E. CW2 69-70                                                                    KIA: 7-28-70

Ancrum, Joseph B Sp4 70

Anderson, Clifford M.; Sp4 70-71

Andrews, Herbert E Sp4 70-71

Andrews, Robert J. Blues SP4 70-71

Antonado, Gregory A, Scout SGT 70-71                                                        KIA 7-25-72 2nd Tour

Armour, Mel; 70-71

Ball, Eldon ‘Keith’; Maj. CO 70-71

Barnett, Jr., Andrew PFC 70-71

Bartlett, Mark L. Jr. Sp4 70

Barton, Charles R.; SP4 70-71

Baur, Brian C. SP4 70-71

Bendickson, Sam E. Scout gunner SGT 70

Beyer, Ronald F. Scout CPT 70-71

Bier, Ervin C. Blues & Scout SGT 70-71

Boardman, William ‘Doc’ Medic 70-71

Bogan, Patrick; Sp4 70-71

Bolejack, Harvey W.; SP4 70-71

Breedlove, Gary L Lift, WO 70-71

Bryant, Ryley T. Sp4 70-71

Buchan, Jim; 1970-71

Buchanan, John; WO 70                                                                                        KIA: 12-24-70

Buck, Duane J.; Lift, 70-71

Buckey, Otis D. Scout Pilot 1LT 70

Cabrera, Stephen J. SP4 70-71

Cahill, William J. PILOT WO 70                                                                     KIA: 10-18-70

Caine, Vaughn H.; Red Pilot WO 70- Etrp 9-70-71

Cameron, Gerald R.; Scout 70

Campbell, Bruce B. Scout pilot WO 70-71

Carbough, Bernie; Tech. Inspector, 70

Choate, Michael; Scout gunner, 70-71

Christopher, Mark G. SGT 70-71

Clarkson, Eugene; SP6 70

Coascot, Fernado; SP4 70

Cooper, Donald SSG 70-71

Craig, John D. Scout CPT 70- 71

Cruz, Antonio Jr.; PFC 70

Daester, Peter; Scout gunner, 70-71

Daniels, Harry; SP4 70-71

DeBolt, Jim   69-70

DeMailo, Alfred S Cobra pilot, CPT 70-71

Dew, Willis; Cobra CE SP4 70-71

Donaldson, Larry L.; Lift SSG 70

Dougherty, George W.; SP4 70-71

Drews, David; Scout Gunner SP4 70-71

Duggin, Ricky SP5 70-71

Dukes, Judson L. “Pappy” CPT 70-71                                                                       Deceased Mar 2010

Dulyea, Albert R.; E4, 70-71

Dunn, Calvin G.; Blue and Scout SP4 70

Eastburn, Robert L. 1LT 70-71

Edeal, Larry B. RED Pilot WO 70-71

Edwards, Dennis  70-71

Farmer, Gary A.; Blue SP4 70-71

Farrell, David A. Pilot WO 70-71

Ferreira, Joseph L. Maint Off CPT 70-71

Findley, Dorsey; Scout gunner 70

Fink, John Red Pilot, WO 70

Ford, Robert R.; SSG 70

Fountain, John E.; XO/CO Capt. 70

Frazer, William C Scout pilot WO 70 (B Trp ’70-71)

Frazier, Charles L. Scout pilot, WO 70-71                                                              Deceased Jun 12, 2013

Frederick, Donald W, Maint, SGT 70-71

Frye, Kevin M. Red Pilot WO 70                                                                               KIA: 7-28-70

Garner, Larry W.; SGT 70-71

Garnhart, Stanley E.; Scout gunner 70

Garside, John; Scout gunner 70

Gaudette, Phillip A. Blues SP4 70-’71                                                                        Deceased Jan 2011

Geyer, James T. PFC 70-71

Gilmore, Sonny Blues 70-71

Gragert, Richard J. Scout pilot WO 70

Gresham, Donald; Scout gunner SGT 70-71

Gutowski, Richard; SP4 70-71

Guyer, Chester Blues & Scout SP4 70-71

Hageman, Joel; CPT 70-71                                                                                      KIA: 3-12-71

Halstead, Jerry Unit Mail Clerk SP4 70

Harmon, (Tom’s brother) CE 70

Harmon, Art Scout pilot, WO 70

Harmon, Tom; Scout 1LT 70

Harrison, Paul K. Avionics SP5 70-71

Herder, William E.; 1st SGT 70-71

Hernandez, Garcia L.; SP4 70-71

Hernandez, “Lorezo”; Scout 70-71

Herring, Shannon Tory Lift Pilot 70 transf. E Trp, 1970-71

Herron, Richard (Reb); Blues SFC 70-71

Hilton, Mark H; Lift Pilot WO 70-71

Hinch Samuel T. Lift Pilot WO 70-71

Hinnant, Steven O.; SP5 70-71

Hinote, Paul ; WO HHT Lift (Hon. C Trooper) 70-71

Holcomb, Brian S. Pilot WO 70-71

Holder, James E. Scout gunner SGT 70-71

Hopkins, Harvey L.Blues 1LT 70-71

Houser, Russell G.; Scout Observer 70

Hughes, Tex “Birdman”; Scout 70

Hurley, Henry F.; Scout gunner 70-71

Jenkins, Jeff A.; Sp5 70

Joles, Fred Lift Plt Ldr, XO, CPT 70-71

Jones, Walker A. Scout & Red Pilot WO 70-71

Kaplan, Martin Avn Med Off CPT 70-71

Kekar, Randy; Scout gunner SGT 70-71.                                                               Deceased August 5, 2008

LaChance, Michael T, Blues CPT 70-71;                                                                Deceased Oct 4, 2015 Cancer

Latham, James Lift pilot 70-71

Lawley, David L Red Pilot, Safety Off CW3 70

Lawson, ?; Scout gunner 70-71

Lemaster, Robert;, Scout Sec Ldr 1LT 70-71

Leonard, Clyde; Red & Lift CE 70-71

Littrell, Robert L SP4 70-71

Lloyd, Richard “Rick”; WO 70

Long, Mike; 70-71

Lott, Jr., Claude W.; Scout 70

Mains, Larry; SP4 70-71

Majestyk, Lincoln D.; Pilot WO 70

Maring, Marshall H. Cobra CE 70-71

Martin, Jerry D. Sp4 70-71

McClellan, Robert; CPL 70

McCloy, Glenn; Cobra CE 70-71

McCoy, Thomas W.; Sp4 70-71

McDonald, Roy J.; Sp5 70

Melhorn, Bruce; Troop Clerk 70-71

Mitchell, T. L.; Scout Observer SGT 70

Mizzi , Anthony L.; Sp4 70-71

Moeller, William M.Avionics SP5 70

Monroe, Jr, Roy M.; PFC 70

Moore, Paul W.; Tech supply SP5 70-71

Morris, Thamas L.; SP5 70-71

Mullins, ?; Scout gunner 70

Musolf, Dale W Lift Pilot/Maint Off. WO 70-71

Nabua Blues SP4 70

Nelson, Turner L. , CO, “Cavalier 6” MAJ 70

Newman, Michael; Scout observer 70

Norton, Phillip R.door gunner SP5 70-70;                                                                        Deceased October 11, 2005

Orr, Charles R. Lift pilot WO 70

P’Pool, Ted L.; Scout gunner 70

Page, Jimmy L.; Scout gunner 70

Parker, Lawrance W. Lift, Scout 70-71

Parkhurst, Dave; SP4, 70

Pedford, Earl C.Scout Observer SP4 70-71

Peffer, Gregory; Blues SP4 70-71                                                                                   KIA: 1-22-71

Pepper, Tommy J.; Scout Pilot WO 70-71

Perry,, “White Mike” SGT 70

Pope, Gary L; Scout/Blues SSG 70-71

Porter, Robert L.; Sp4 70-71

Powers, John; Blues SGT 70-71

Prins, Danny L.; Pilot 70-71 Trp. C, E, F

Quast, Philip; Maintenence SP5 70-71

Rager, Daniel W. Red Pilot WO 70 tranferred to E Trp

Rasey, Daniel A; CE/ DG Lift Plt. PFC 70-71

Reinhardt, Russell E. “Rhino” Wpns SP5 70-71

Rhodes, Thomas F.; Blues SSG 70-71

Roberson, Gary T. Hydraulic mech. SP5 70

Roberts, Alton Door Gunner SP5 70-71                                                                KIA 4-13-71

Sanders, Larry J.; Sp5 70-71

Schuckman, Rodney M. SP4 70-71

Schwarz, John R. “Jack”; Lift pilot, WO 70-71                                                  Deceased February 2018

Seigler, Steven SGT 70-71 KIA: Feb 13, 1971

Sellers, Al Cobra Pilot WO 70-71

Seyller, Bruce E.; Scout gunner 70-71

Sheldon, Melvin R. Scout pilot WO 70-71

Sides, Richard G. Red Pilot CPT 70-71

Sipple, John “Barry”; WO 70-71

Skaaden, Richard Pilot CPT 70

Skaggs, Jim; Scout Observer 70

Skinner, Jr., Herbert L. Scout Pilot 1LT 70-71

Smith, Michael E. Lift Pilot WO 70-71

Smith, Perry; CW2 70-70

Snyder, David A. Sp4, 70

Sparkman, David N.; Scout/Lift Pilot 1lt 70-71

Spotts, Joe; Scout gunner 70

Stiteier, John; SP4 70-71

Strait, Douglas F. Scout SP6  70                                                      MIA 70-75 Delared KIA:On 10-17-75

Straughn, Larry W.; SP4 70-71

Strobel, Michael A. “Zero”; Scout gunner 70

Struck, Robert L.; Blues RTO SP4 70-71

Studstill, III, John L. Pilot 70-71

Thatcher, Charles; Pvt 70

Thomas, Kent R.; Scout gunner 68-69; WO Scout pilot 70 transf. to E Trp

Thommen, Richard L. ; SP4 70-71

Thompson, Ben; 70-71

Toombs, ?; SP4 70

Turk, David Glen; SP4 70-71

Tuttle, Kent; Lift & Scout Pilot WO 70-71

Verner, Larry P.; CE Lift SP5 70-71

Vestal, Ronald E. Scout/Cobra Pilot WO 70-71

Waldron, Cowles C. “Wally”;Red Pilot; WO 70-71                                                         Deceased, Jul 6 2002

Walline, Bart J.; E4 70-71

Walsh, Jack; Lift Pilot WO 70-71

Watson, Charles H.; Sgt 70-71

Watson, “Pop” Avionics NCOIC, SFC 70-71

Wcislek, Martin J. Blue 1LT 70-71

Weaver, William; Pvt 70

Wede, William H.”Bill”; WO 70

Weier, Michael; SP5 70-71

Westfall, William F.; SP4 70

Whiddon,Tommy; Scout WO 70                                                                            KIA:  5-6-71

Whittaker, Don “Mr. Stubbs”; Scout gunner 70

Wilcox, Robert W. Maint Off CPT 70-71

Williams, James; Red Pilot CPT 70-71

Willis, Michael B; Maintenence NCO 70-71

Wiseman, James A.lift Pilot WO 70-71

Withers, Billy J.; SP5 70-71

Wyatt, John Melvin Red Pilot, WO 70-71

Zahn, Randy R.; Red Pilot, WO 70-71

Zeliph, Harvey N.; Lift gunner & CE, SP5 70-71

Zimmerman, David E.; Red Pilot, CW2 70                                                       KIA: 7-18-70

Henderson, Arthur   SP4   70

Laughton, Nelson 71

Radcliff, Donald Major  (Former C Trp 3/17 Cav) Advance party               KIA: 8-18-650