Danny Hylemon: Thank you Cpt Abe Stice

Posted on April 3, 2022


Pat, if you think this story is worthy of retelling, please do so.


Cpt. Stice, I have been trying for almost a month now to find the right words to say to both of you, and I still do not know what to say. It has been more than I could have ever hoped for, to be able to actually be in contact with the man that was flying that helicopter on Aug. 9, 1967.

Cpt Stice, I hope it will be ok if I call you Abe. I don’t know if you have ever given much thought to what you did that day, but in my humble opinion you saved 4 lives, and there is a very high probability that you kept us from being taken as POW’s. I so wish that I could have the words to tell you just what that Huey looked like to me when I saw it coming in to hover that day. It was like the answer to a prayer. My door gunner, Jake Fender was injured and could not walk. I picked him up in my arms and followed Maj. Harvey and his Xray to your bird and we were out of there just about that quick. Later, Jake and I were medivaced, He was sent on to a hospital somewhere, I do not recall where. I was back at Two Bits later that day and about 2 weeks later Jake came back. I am going to stop for now, but there so much more that I would like to talk with you about. I will have to give it some thought and try to get it all in my mind like I want to say it. Just to say THANK YOU does not seem to be enough. I THANK YOU so much, my wife thanks you, my children thank you, and my grandchildren thank you. Dan Hylemon C Trp Red Plt.67-68

If there are more storied out there, please write them up and send them in to me.