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The Veteran War Protester

February 2, 2012


I am about to enter into an area for which I am not sure how I will come out of it. I have talked about War Protesters before. Those were civilian war protesters. This post will deal with Veteran War Protesters. I hadn’t given a lot of thought to Veterans as war protesters. I started […]

Aviators Old and New

December 19, 2011


Modern day Aviators VS Old School Aviators This explains it all. Aviators come from a long line of a secret society, formed around one thousand years ago. Old School Phu Khen (pronounced Foo Ken) 1169-? is considered by some to be the most under-recognized military officer in history.  Many have never heard of his contributions to […]

Bruce Huffman: A Reminder in History

March 8, 2011


                                                                      General Vo Nguyen Giap. General Giap was a brilliant, highly respected leader of the North Vietnam military. The following quote is from his […]

The Men I served with

October 26, 2010


/>In this section, I am going to post as many pictures as I have of all of the men that I actually served with. The photos will have frames around them as they are the ones I use on the DVD that I have made for Charlie Troop.  I have received many photos from the men […]

Police Action VS War

August 22, 2010


According to the Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary a Police Action is: a localized military action undertaken without formal declaration of War by regular armed forces against persons held to be violators of International peace and order. Since the end of World War II, America has participated in several conflicts but has never Declared war. These are “Police […]

Why did I make it home and Bill Didn’t

July 28, 2010


When I use the words him, his, men on this site I mean his/hers he/him/she and men/ women One of the effects of PTSD is the “Why did I make it home and not Bill”. Now Bill has over 58,000 different names. I just used Bill.  No one effect of PTSD is any worse than another. Each […]

My Lai-Massacre March 16, 1968

July 3, 2010


The events that took place on March 16, 1968 effected not only the villagers of My Lai , the soldiers involved but every soldier that served after that day. I had begun to write about McNamara’s 100,000 but as I was doing my research I ran across a posting on the web that redirected my […]

The Caribou and Chinook: A Mid Air Collision

July 2, 2010


Chinook  I can’t remember the date of the incident. All I know is it was after May 1968 and before the end of October 1968 ( Thanks Bruce, the date was October 3rd)  over Camp Evans in the High I Corps. This is a true story as I remember it. I am sure that there  are others who may […]

The Night the Latrine Died

May 14, 2010


It was the night of New Years Eve 1968. But before I get into what and how, I’m going to start with a little history. I will not be using names here. I don’t have permission from either of the two major players. Actually I haven’t been able to find either one of them. I, […]

Vietnam War Protest

April 20, 2010


The Vietnam War split our country. The government wanted us in Vietnam and a large portion of the populace didn’t. The GI was caught in the middle. Who was the Protester? Who was the GI?. Why was the protesting of the Vietnam War wrong? The “Hippie” is what most people think of when they think of the Vietnam War […]