James D. Wise

Posted on April 4, 2010


James was assigned to Charlie Troop on May 2, 1967 and was Killed in Action on September 16, 1967. James was an Infantryman or a “Grunt” as they were called. James was awarded the Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB), Purple Heart, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, and the Vietnam Service Medal.

If any family member or friend reads this blog, please contact me as I am looking for personal stories about this brave man.

From James’ sister JoAnn:     We grew up in a suburban neighborhood outside of Pittsburgh Pa. We were always Pirate fans. On Labor Day weekend of 1966, we decided to ride our bikes from our home in Forest Hills down to the ball park, Forbes Field. It was @ an 8 mile bike ride, no problem for a group of athletic kids. I was 14, and Jimmy was the oldest, I think 18 or 19. There were about 8 of us kids. After a long bike ride, we finally got to the Pirates’
stadium. We climbed up the trees outside the ball park, and you could
see into the field. We waved to the Braves outfielders, and heard the
National Anthem. Then we heard a cop yelling, “Hey you kids! If you
want to see the game, you have to buy a ticket!” He chose Jimmy
because he was the oldest, but none of us had any money. We scraped
together $1 for a bleacher ticket, and Jimmy went into the game. The
rest of just hung around outside. We couldn’t believe Jimmy stayed for
the whole game, but what the heck. Then we rode our bikes home,
thrilled with our adventure. We got home in time for supper, and our
parents never knew anything about it. The next day, I started 10th
grade, and at the end of September, Jimmy left for the Army. This is
one of my fondest memories of Jimmy, just having fun and being kids
together. Thanks for helping to keep his memory alive.