Fathers Day

Posted on June 18, 2010


Fathers Day.  I will think of my father as I often do. He died when he was 42 and I was 15. My son will buy me something and a card. We will cookout (weather permitting). I wish all of you fathers out there a safe and happy weekend. I hope you get to share it with your children and if you father is still here I hope you will spend time with him as well. There is no expiration date stamped on the bottom of our feet. Knowing this remember your dad may not be here next year. Take the time to say “Thank You” for the life he gave you. Even if it wasn’t the best life when you were growing up it made you into what you are today. Take the time to tell your kids “Thank You” for the enjoyment they have brought into your life. Forget the terrible twos and the teenage years. Talk to your dad and your children and swap what dreams each of you had/have for life. You will never be able to do these things when they are gone.

I looked at the list of those “Killed in Action” in Charlie Troop. Many of these brave men left children behind. Some never even saw that child. I am willing to bet that very few if any left a letter to their children just in case. I counted 58 young men 21 or younger that I believe never had the chance to be a father. Most of these men were 18 or 19 years old. What a shame. They probably never had the chance to tell their Dads ( and Moms) “Thank You”.  They never had the chance to watch their children grow up and become men and women. The never had the chance to hold a grandchild. Most probably never had the chance to be an Uncle.

Take the time. Do it this weekend. Let your dad know how proud you are to call him dad. Let your children know how much happiness it brings you to have them call you dad. After you eat that big meal, Stand up and raise your glass. Tell them how they are your true blessings. Because you can not do it from  under the grass.

To all the women who have made us into the fathers that we are, I say “Thank You”. To my beautiful wife, I say Thank you and I love you.

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