Death of America-The Rebellion in the Making

Posted on August 30, 2010


This blog will continually be updated. The madder I get the more intense it will be. I am tired of this country being run into the ground. Our parents and grandparents would say the “Japanese” ,”Chinese” or some other country would take us over though manipulation of our food source, buying up our property or whatever. This is no longer the fact. We are losing our country through our own politicians who think everything must be “Politically Correct” and are willing to take our rights as Americans away from us because others don’t have them.

Religion. Our country was founded on the belief that religion was a choice of man and not of the state. We were allowed to believe in whatever way we wanted to. If you didn’t want to believe you didn’t have to.  God was a factor in the founding of this country and in its moral fiber.  “In God We Trust” is on our money and our Court Houses.  We started each day in school with a prayer. In my school, it was a silent prayer so each could pray their own way. If you didn’t want to pray, you didn’t have to. America is made up of people of many faiths. When I was growing up in my home town we had Catholics, Baptist, Protestants and Jews. We all got along and no one ever gave someone trouble in how they believed. Today we must give up many of our religious beliefs and customs because they are not “politically Correct”. What does “Politically Correct” really mean? It means “if you don’t believe the way I do ,then I will take this right away from you.   How long will it be before our politicians tell us that we must pray three times a day or not at all?  How long will it be before they say we can’t pray in school anymore? Oh ya, they’ve already taken care of that. When will they tell Christians that we can not celebrate Christmas? Oh Ya, they’ve already done that. Now we are to celebrate “Seasons”. How long will it be that they say we can not own guns? Oh ya, they are working on that,

If we were Islamic, we can still celebrate Ramadan.  The building of the Mosque in NY is approved by the NYC Mayor. Why. Two reasons. He needs their vote to get reelected and the amount of money that will be spent in NYC to build it.   I am not :Politically Correct”.

I am “American Correct”. What I mean by this is we must not change our ways to satisfy others. If they don’t like what our country offers than let them leave.

Our politicians need to be sent a message. Stay American or go home. Then we must send them home when they don’t. Many of our fore-fathers fought in WWII. Many of our grandmothers worked their tails off in factories in WWII to support the men and women who were fighting overseas to stop an aggression that would have done away with all human rights not just ours. They saved our rights as Americans. They passed them down to us and now we are letting the politicians give them away so they can be voted back into office. We of our generation must take out country back. We must vote. We must tell our politicians either stay American or you are out. We must start to teach our children and grandchildren to Respect America and not take our rights for granted. Today, the Federal Government thinks they should control how our children are raised. What they are taught. Hell, even what sex they are. It is time for us to take control of our Government.

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