Our Fallen Comrades and Me

Posted on September 2, 2010


One day my wife, Carol, and I were sitting around watching the DVD I am making of the Charlie Troop 1st of the 9th reunion. We got to the section on “Our Fallen Comrades” and she said you know the best way to honor these men is by living your life to the fullest. Since then I have added that to a slide on the DVD and I add that to the list I post at the beginning of each month listing the men that sacrificed all during that mont period 1965-1972.

I live on 15 acres of  land in Winchester, Kentucky. I originally wanted at least 10 acres because that was a dream of my father’s before he died at age 42. I raised cattle because that is what he wanted to do. I grew a huge garden because he had wanted to. The cattle lasted three years and the huge garden only two but I did it for him. My wife and I love the country. We love our land. It takes us  2 1/2 hours with each of us on a 22+ HP lawn tractor to cut the grass. Then there is another 45 – 60 minutes of trim time.

Tonight I was out there doing some work and I wondered how many of the Great Men and Women  who have sacrifice their lives would love to be in my shoes? How many of them am I living their Dreams. Then I started to think about how many of them may have said “When I get back to the world I’m going to marry a beautiful wife and start a family”. I’ve done that, they never got the chance. How many said When I get back to the world I’m going to see the Grand Canyon. I’ve done that, they never had the chance. How many of them said “I’m going to move out into the country where my kids will have the opportunity to run free and have whatever pets they want”. I’ve done that, they never had the chance.

I’m the luckiest man of earth. I must enjoy every moment of my life and live every moment to the fullest because I have had the privilege and they did not. For every one of them who wanted to be something, go somewhere or enjoy the love of a beautiful women, I pray that they can take some enjoyment from what I have done. If I take advantage of any of these things then I would let them down. I will not let them down.

To see all of the men and/or ladies from your state that sacrificed all go to:  www.virtualwall.org/iStates.htm