High Schools Honoring Vietnam Veterans

Posted on November 16, 2010


I received an email the other day from a young lady named Kendall Green asking me for help. She is a student at a high school in Orange, Texas. She was doing a research project for her English class. Her teacher ( once again I will not use her name until I have permission to do so )  had assigned each member of her class a name from the “wall” to research and do a paper on. I had added several men to www.thewall-usa.com and she was given one of those names, Ronald Roberts. We emailed back and forth several times. She gave me her teacher’s email so that I could contact her if I had any questions.  Because I could not give her all of the information she needed, I went  back to the “The Wall” page and found a friend who had left a message on Ron’s page. I contacted her and then gave his email to Kendall who was doing the research.

The teacher gave me a website to go to so that I could see what another teacher in Austin, Texas was having her students do. That website is www.whschaps.com . I suggest to all to take a moment and go to that site. Once at the site, scroll down to Service learning on the left. Place you mouse on it and then when “Virtual Vietnam Memorial Wall” comes up click on that. I checked out several of the men on there and these students have done a wonderful job. Not all of the men that died in Vietnam are on there yet however each year more will be added.

A few years back I was doing some research on some of Charlie Troop’s KIA’s and I came across a school in Michigan doing research on Vietnam Veterans. I also came across a school in Indiana that was doing research on Vietnam Veterans that were Killed in Action from Indiana.  We exchanged a few photos. They had some I needed and I had some that they needed.

Once I get all of the information on these schools, I would hope after you review the sites  you will leave a message at each school thanking them for their service to our brothers.

A special “Thank You” goes out to Kendall. I had originally made this nice young lady a young man. She was very kind in her letting me know she was a young lady.