Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry Was the Vietnam War Righteous

Posted on July 1, 2012


I was recently asked by someone as to whether or not I thought the Vietnam War was a righteous war or not. We say that World Wars I and II were righteous because we fought against those who sought to dominate us and then destroy us. We fought against the Union of  the Soviet Socialist Republic, the Third Reich, the Fascist and of course the Japanese. Remember the Russians were on Hitler’s side until Hitler decided to attack them. We did this only after the rest of the world had suffered great casualties at the hands of these ruthless thugs. We were successful at winning these wars because we let our Military leaders run the wars. Yes, the President gives the Generals and Admirals an objective. The Generals and Admirals then come up with a plan. This plan is then presented to the President who gives his okay. After that it is left up to the Generals and Admirals to carry out the mission.  There are very few “No Fire Zones”. A “No Fire Zone” is an area where unless you are shot at first you are not allowed to fire your weapon. Nor are you allowed to fire Artillery into that area. There are no or very few restrictions on bombings. More or less you do what you need to protect your men and win. This is what a War is. You find the enemy and destroy them before they can destroy you.

Vietnam, Korea, Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan these are not wars. These are “Police Actions”. A Police Action is where a government commits it’s Troops with no regard to their safety. It is an action where the Troops are sent to fight, but they must play by rules that the other side is not obligated to play by.

So was the Vietnam War righteous? Probably not. Or was it? First, it was a war run by politicians and not Generals. Many Generals and such got relieved of their duties while no President, Congressman or Senator was ever relieved of theirs. Secondly, we were fighting this poor little country who only wanted to occupy the other half of the country. What is one half of a country compared to the World? Oh, wait. This poor little country was backed by the United Soviet Socialist Republic and the Chinese Communist. The United Soviet Socialist Republic just a few years earlier try to put nuclear weapons in Cuba. Thirdly, this “conflict” was only in one country and not the World. Was it the fear of the politicians that the United Soviet Socialist Republic and the Chinese were spreading Communism?

What is wrong with spreading a little Socialism or communism around? Why should that bother us when it is so far away. After all, it didn’t bother us when the Third Reich took Poland, Czechoslovakia, France and other countries? After all, they did it one country at a time. Ya, but this was just North against South.

In my opinion no “War” is righteous when the Country’s leadership is only playing games with it’s Troops lives. Take Afghanistan. We know we are not going to win this war the way we are going. We have given our Troopers nothing to defend themselves with. We put to many restrictions on them and have made “Protecting our Troop” a low priority.

Now does this mean I think that we are having our Troops die for nothing? Hell no I don’t.

I fought in Vietnam and I am Damn Proud that I did. Did the men and women who died there die for nothing? Hell no they didn’t. Each and every one of them loved their country enough to do what it asked them to do without hesitation. Each and every one of them died honorably. Most of them died protecting their fellow soldiers because the government didn’t.

The Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines who died in Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan are all heroes and should be remembered and honored as such. I will do whatever I can to make this happen.

When you are in combat, and you are doing what you believe is the right thing to do then you are Righteous. So was the War in Vietnam Righteous?

Yes, I believe it was. We were trying to stop the spread of communism. Was it fought in a righteous way. Yes, because the boots on the ground fought the best they could with what restrictions were forced upon them. Was the leadership Righteous? For the majority of them the answer is yes. They too fought within the restrictions placed upon them. The highest-ranking Commanders up to and including the President that answer is no. The Generals should have been telling those above them either to get out of the way or to stop the conflict. The wars in Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan were also righteous as well.

In Afghanistan today, the problem still exists. Our Troops are left at the hands of the enemy. Once again we are losing men and women mostly because they are not allowed to defend themselves. Technology is so advanced these days that there should be some way of detonating these roadside bombs before they are allowed to cause such damage to our Troops.

After Vietnam, the government forgot us. There are a lot of people with severe PTSD because the diagnosis came to late to help them. There are many who received Dishonorable Discharges or are in prison because their PTSD was not identified. We are looking at no better treatment for our men and women today. The government is willing to let civilians come up with ways to help the Veterans ie “The Wounded Warrior Project”. This is a great service but it should be paid for by the government who sent these Troopers into harms way. No, we worry more about the health of the “illegal” instead of these Brave Men and Women.

So, if you think the Korea, Vietnam War or any that came after it are not righteous that is up to you. I will wear my Vietnam cap or My Cavalry Stetson with Pride.  I will attend my reunions shaking the hand of every man there and I will do it with pride. I will wear the Medals I received on my Stetson with pride. I will remember those Who fought before me, with me  or after me with honor.

I will refuse to let this great country of ours to become a Socialist State. We are a Republic and we are the best Country to live in because of it.

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