October 2022 Newsletter

Posted on October 2, 2022


Charlie Troop 1st Squadron 9th Cavalry Regiment

Thirsty‑Six News letter

October 2022

The following Troopers gave their all during the month of October 1966‑ 1972:

John Musgrove                        October  4,1965

Charles De Armaral                    October  4, 1965

Willie Green                           October 3, 1966

Roger Carroll                          October 30, 1969

Rae Bailey                             October 18, 1970

William Cahill                         October 18, 1970

Douglas Strait  MIA October 18, 1970  Declared KIA on November 17, 1975

David Bryant                          October 19, 1970

Always Honored and Never Forgotten

The following Troopers/Troopettes and Gold Star Family Members have birthdays in October:

John Sacca                          10-2

David Blouin                       10-6

Michael Butler                      10-9 Little Brother

Tamara Schmotolocha              10-10

Barbara Hohman                   10-14

Vincent Nelson                     10-16

Frank Weed                        10-19

Paul Adler                          10-19

Peggy Carpenter                    10-19

Artie Sanders                       10-20

Rafer Springfield                   10-21 Little Brother

Tom Criser                         10-22

Gene Smith                         10-25

Heidi Washburn                    10-27

John Mackel                        10-27

Greg Allcut                         10-31

Karen Betts                         10-31

The Following Troopers/Troopettes and GSFM have anniversaries during the month August:

Bob and Jeanette Fellin              10-4    See Attach 1

Artie and Grace Sanders             10-24   See Attach 2

Tom and Carla Lillie                 10-29 

As you all know, our next reunion will be August 5th, 6th, and 7th in Columbus, Georgia. It will be at the Double Tree Inn by the airport. The Hotel will be completely remodeled starting this month. We are looking forward to another great reunion.

When Billie Williams died, his son, Paul, called me and invited Carol and I over to the house because he had some Of Billie’s things. Included in these things was the original (Olive Green) Cav headgear, the original Saddle Bag, Bullwhip, Pistol Belt and Holster. The Saddle Bag, Bullwhip. Pistol Belt, and Holster need repair. The Pistol Belt and Bullwhip only need to be dye back to their original color. The Saddle Bag needs some extra work besides being dyed. My question to all is, Does Charlie Troop 1/9th Cavalry want to have these things done and are we willing to pay for it? This month I will be taking the items to a Tack Shop to get an estimate. Whether Charlie Troop wants to pay for this or not the repairs will be done. I will bring all of these items to our next reunion and then I will donate them to the 1st Cavalry Museum, if they agree to display them all. If not, we will need to find another museum that will. This is part of Charlie Troop 1/9th’s History.

Okay. Let’s have some fun at this upcoming reunion. On Sunday night, we will have a 50’s night. That’s right. Everyone will dress like it is the 50’s and we will have us an old fashion Sock Hop. A lot of us lived in the 50’s and those that didn’t will need to do so research. We can have fun with it anyway. We will have a door prize for the best 50’s dress, best twisting couple, and the best jitterbug couple.

Carol and I want to “Thank” each and everyone of you who said a prayer for us as this hurricane was making it’s way toward us. There is a saying here that there is an Indian burial ground in Tampa and every time a storm comes near Tampa the Indians rise and blow it away, It seems that this must be true because Tampa has not had a bad storm for over 125 years. Thankfully the Indians blow hard and the storm changes course just before it gets near us.

Our “little Sweetheart” Jolie Brazier,  had an accident on a 3 wheeler. She has stitches, cuts on her legs, and a concussion. I do not have permission to send out her address so, if you would like to send a get well card, you can send it to Jolie Brazier c/o Rumor, Hair, and Skin Salon, 5501 Veterans Parkway, Columbus, Georgia 31904.

It warmed my heart the way so many reached out to Carol and I with their prayers. I found it truly amazing the way the country reached out in support of Florida before, during, and after the hurricane. It is as if God reached down and said: “Help those in need, Let your hearts and not your heads be the transmitter (RTO humor). We in Charlie Troop, do that everyday because of the love we have for one another.

God Bless all of you,

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