Richard T. Perrin

Posted on April 3, 2010


I am Dick’s widow.  Married only 6 mos. and gave birth to his daughter who is one special gal who never knew her wonderful Daddy.  I did remarry.  I carry Dick in my heart and prayers always.
My life changed in a moment.  Dick had taken instructions and became Catholic as a great surprise to me before we were married.  A very fond memory for me was he would state to me  “I love you” but more importantly “I like you”.  What wisdom Dick displayed as a young man.  My family loved him and his memory lives on.
God blessed me with Dick being in my life, along with his wonderful family who are still “my family”.  Too short a life, but what an impact he made on my family.
My nieces and nephews still talk about him and loved him so much. They were small children when they knew him. Children sense goodness, kindness, and fun. They saw and embraced that in Dick in a very short time as he and I had a very short courtship, and most of that time he was finishing up pilot school.
Thank you for your time you spend honoring the men of Charlie Company.  God must have spoken to you and congratulations on the mission you have undertaken.
Warmest wishes to you,

Richard was assigned to Charlie Troop on March 27, 1966 and was Killed in Action on June 27, 1966. Richard was a Pilot of an UH-1B Helicopter. Richard was awarded the Air Medal,  Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Army Aviator Wings and a set of Jump Wings.