Another Benefit of Military Reunions

Posted on November 3, 2010


All of us that attend these Military Reunions know how important the Comradrie is. The renewed friendships are priceless. Not only do they revitalize the body and mind but for many of us they help in calming our PTSD. These things are all important.

At this last reunion (October 2010), another important thing happened. Julie Kink came up to me and handed me a card. She said she had met a man while her group was at the Infantry Museum. He asked the group if anyone knew Pat Bieneman. He said that he had served with him 42 years ago. Julie told him that she was going to meet up with him (me) that evening. The man, Phil Merritt, asked her to give me the card. Two days later Phil and I were talking as if we had not lost that 42 years. We talked about other men that we both knew from our time in Vietnam. One such person was Cyphers. I had remembered Cyphers as Ronald Cyphers but Phil told me no it was Ed Cyphers. I had to tried to find Cyphers by using the white pages on the computer. I knew he had lived in Michigan. Once I put Edward in instead of Ronald, his name came right up. Ed and I talked as if we hadn’t been separated by 41 years. Now we are looking for more C Troopers.

While at the reunion Bob Fellin, Jerry Duckworth, myself and our wives decided to hold a Mini Blues Reunion next October (2011) in or around Washington D.C.. Phil, Ed and Pete Guthrie all agreed to attend. Phil said he would do whatever I needed him to do to make that reunion a reality. We are hoping to have many more Blues attend. We just need to find them.

Reunions are great. They renew old friendships and comradries as well as help in finding other comrades. It is the best medicine for PTSD.  For any veteran out there who does not belong to a unit association, please seek your unit out and join. You will not be sorry.

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